The Advocacy Marketing Group uses only land-based lines in order to ensure quality and message deliverability. Our goal is to bring this technology to you at the most affordable rates possible. Our rates remain low even if your needs are small, and we don’t require you to sign an annual or minimum contract. We offer flat rates, based on the number of calls placed, (just $150 for the first 1,000 calls and from .04 --.08 cents per call after that). There are no other set-up charges or any hidden fees.

Our automated calling system provides your organization, campaign or business with the opportunity to communicate with, motivate and mobilize thousands of people in a rapid, easy and cost-effective way.

Our system allows you to deliver pre-recorded messages to your supporters quickly and personally. You can use this technology in a variety of ways, such as reminding people to vote, attend an upcoming fundraiser or important meeting or renew their membership.

Whatever your needs -- large or small -- our messaging system will be a powerful addition to your communication and outreach plans. Since campaigns and organizations often don't just keep regular business hours, we make sure that our service is available to you when you need it.

For more information, download our auto-call information sheet here.

Please contact us and allow us to develop a phone campaign that fits your budget at (323) 650-0648 or at

Our downloadable sheet is an Adobe Acrobat PDF. If you don't have Acrobat Reader, download it here for free!


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