A&D Innovations was founded in 2002 in Austin, Texas to help political campaigns, not-for-profit organizations and businesses utilize advocacy marketing and communication techniques to motivate their member / supporters and voters. Utilizing strategic and innovative communications, we offer services designed to effectively move individuals and communities to action, participating and giving.

As our clients’ needs grew, so did our company. In 2005, A&D Innovations became the Advocacy Marketing Group, bringing a team approach to best meet the diverse needs of the clients we serve. In this increasingly accelerated information age, strategic communication and targeted marketing is more important than ever.

Whether handling crisis communications, coordinating a phone outreach campaign, creating and implementing a media plan or designing a membership program, we are committed to ensuring that our clients are able to communicate and motivate the people they want to reach.

With locations in California and Texas, the Advocacy Marketing Group is here to help you COMMUNICATE and MOTIVATE.


Corri Planck brings more than a decade of communications and public policy experience work to the Advocacy Marketing Group. She has worked in private business, non-profit and government settings, where she has created and implemented strategic communication and marketing campaigns. Planck, an award-winning journalist, has extensive media relations experience. She has worked in the political arena on legislative campaigns, local and state government relations and major political organizing events. (read full bio)
Dianne Hardy-Garcia is an experienced political organizer and lobbyist. She has worked as a key strategist on the local, state and national level. Hardy-Garcia has served as a non-profit executive director and is most well-known for her ability to conduct successful legislative campaigns and mass organizing efforts. Through this work, she has honed her skills at incorporating technology and organizing techniques to enhance fundraising capacities,communication plans and marketing efforts for campaigns, businesses and organizations. (read full bio)




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